Zen and the Black Moon

P.D. Kelley
As I sit here listening to Ottmar Liebert and his band, Luna Negra (Black Moon), my enthusiasm is building for his show at the Rogue Theatre coming this Saturday, September 16th. This guy is all about fusion. Mix classical guitar with a modern Latin beat, a hint of jazz, and more than a pinch of flamenco and maybe the essence of his style can be defined. If one is not careful, his music could be dismissed as simply easy listening. A mistake. Just as the listener settles back for a relaxing ride, Liebert does something surprising, often impressive in skill level and technique. There’s fusion in his personal history as well. Of Chinese, German, and Hungarian descent, he traveled Europe as a kid and became interested in various cultures and musical styles. In 2006 he was ordained as a Zen Buddhist Monk. In an interview earlier this year he explained, “I have played the guitar since I was 11 and sat in meditation since I was 15. The two practices are so connected in my mind, I can’t tell where one stops and the other begins.” Yep. Fusion. With over 40 albums and several grammys in his discography, I’m thinking this show is not one to miss. He has dedicated fans all over the world and a chunk of them are right here, based on my conversations with local music aficionados. Get those tickets now.
Catch you on the flip side.