When Pigs Fly

P.D. Kelley

If you are a Pink Floyd fan I hope you were at the Rogue Theatre on Friday, May 18th to hear what many critics think is the best tribute band to this iconic group ever: Pigs on the Wing. They hail from Portland so Oregon music fans can be proud. Pigs was formed in 2006 and from their comments in interviews both written and in social media, the band members are reverential about doing justice to the music, clearly wanting to give audiences a true Pink Floyd experience. They also keep up the tradition of producing an entertaining visual feast with a variety of lights, lasers, varying backdrops and projections. The first half of the show was devoted to PF music from the band’s inception in 1965 up to 1973. This was when PF began expanding their vision of psychedelic and progressive rock and Pigs did an admirable job of bringing that sense of newness, I’ve never heard anything like this quality that made PF so memorable. The second part of the performance started out with much of PF’s bestselling album ever and one of rock’s true classics: The Dark Side of the Moon with pieces from The Wall as well. This show was professional, comprehensive, and truly amazing, even if you weren’t a fan of PF. There were all ages in the crowd as well, appreciating the musicianship, not just 50 and 60 somethings reliving their first acid trip. And speaking of musicians, there was Jason Baker on guitar/vocals. Matt Jones on keyboard/vocals, David Lindenbalm on guitar/vocals, Eric Welder on bass, Bryan Fairfield on drums, Pete Galluzzo blowing the sax and stepping in on short notice for absent vocalist Keeley St. Clair was Kris Deegreen. There are some demanding rock arias in this music and Deegreen was up to the task. Kudos must also be given to Doug Layon, the lighting designer and Bryan Corn, the band’s equipment technician and projectionist. Pigs on the Wing had the same response as other groups have had the first time they experience the Rogue Theatre and the enthusiastic reception they get. Actually Baker said, “We’ve never been to Grants Pass and didn’t know what to expect. Now we know and we’ll be back!”

Catch you on the flip side…